We always want all of our guests to feel safe. The recent rise in drink spiking in Nanaimo, Canada and other countries around the world, is a worrying concern we are trying our best to prevent it as much as possible.

We are taking more steps to prevent this in not only our own establishment but all of downtown Nanaimo.

  • Security – We have increased our security team by another member, and we are always hiring more, to increase our presence. More searches at the door, as drugs such as GHB can be hidden in any small containers, but usually water bottles.
  • Lids – Covering cups is a simple effective way to prevent drugs from being slipped into drinks, especially on the dance floor.
  • Cameras – We have installed more cameras to have even better footage as a deterrent measure for would-be spikers.
  • Police – The Police will be coming by more often to do checks and investigations.
  • Education – We are training our staff to better notice the early signs. But one of the most effective prevention methods is educating our guests.
  • Cooperation – We are working with other bars, pubs, and nightclubs downtown. We are communicating, sharing tips and prevention methods to ensure downtown Nanaimo is a safer place to have fun.
 The Old City Station Pub


Most of you will come here in groups, so please look out for each other.

Having your group look and care for each other has been shown to be more effective in prevention and care, than just looking out for yourself.

  • Look after each other’s drinks, don’t leave drinks unattended.
  • Don’t let your friends take drinks from people you don’t know well. (Nanaimo is a smaller city, it is not unlikely for the spiker to be someone you know)
  • Pay attention to your friends, if they seem to be getting more intoxicated than they should be, let any of our staff know, tell your other friends, and let us alert the authorities if warranted.
  • Have all of your friends share your location on your phones with each other, so that in the event of an emergency they can be located. You can share location with certain people on Snapchat Maps too. Charge your phone ahead of time.
  • If you are intoxicated try to remember to be nice to your friends in your group, and do what they say respectfully. Sometimes we don’t feel as intoxicated as we are, but just try to remember your friends are only looking out for you.
  • Do not drink irresponsibly, and alert us if your friends have drank too much. Ask us for water at any time.
  • Symptoms can appear in 20 minutes, don’t let your friends go home alone if they are badly intoxicated or suspected to be drugged.
  • Have a designated driver. We have lots of Non-alcoholic drink choices and usually, we give the designated drivers some gifts. Take turns.

 The Old City Station Pub

If at any time you feel unwell, tell us right away. Even if you suspect it is just from alcohol we can call you a taxi.

What you can do.

  • Don’t drink if you did not watch it get poured, never take drinks from strangers unless you watched it get poured, grab it yourself.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended, give it to friends to watch.
  • If you go outside, tell your friends. Let them know where you plan to be all the time. Text them “Just outside with ____ , be back soon”
  • Put a lid on your drink if you can, hold it with your hand covering the top.
  • Drink responsibly

Spiking can be anything, GHB, Ketamine, Ecstasy, extra alcohol and many more.

Some of these substances can not be smelt, tasted or seen in your drink. If you are unsure, dump your drink. Symptoms appear in 5-20 minutes, a common sign is muscle weakness, if your friend can’t squeeze your hand, it may be an early sign.

It could be anyone

It’s not just strangers engaging in spiking, people you know can do it too. Only accept drinks if you feel comfortable and you know them well, but please always watch the drink being poured.

Men get spiked too

Men are less likely to be spiked than women, but it can still happen, usually for other reasons than why women get drugged.

Let us know if anything is off, or if you see any suspicious activity. Let any of our staff right away. Please call 911 or let us know if you feel you have been drugged.

Here is a good video on warning signs and staying safe. from NHS Advanced Clinical Practitioner Pharmacist Abraham. Luckily, there are no cases of needles that have been reported in Nanaimo in regards to recent cases.

 The Old City Station Pub


The NightCap is a scrunchie that is worn on the wrist that transforms into a drink cover with a hole for your straw for extra reusable protection.

(We don’t make any commission off this link, solely provided for further self prevention)