(We are a 19+ Establishment)

    Please note our reservations are in limited quantity, the latest you can place reservations for Fridays and Saturdays is 8pm

    Please place reservations well ahead of time, especially for large groups. Please fill in all the information below. You will be called or emailed to confirm the reservation.

    For large scale reservations that require extra care like corporate, fundraisers, events things like that, click that button at the top, for the specific form.

    The minimum size for a reservation is 5 people.

    There is always great availability due to our large seating capacity, you can usually expect zero wait time.

    Any Birthday person gets a free meal, anything they want from our menu.

    Within reason, no alcohol. Server/manager discretion. The date of birth on your ID has to be within a week, i.e birthday actually Thursday, but you’re celebrating on Saturday. One per person per year, obviously.

    Something not working correctly? email me at marketing@oldcitystation.com to troubleshoot